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    Whether your Renewing Your Membership or Joining for the first time, we’re confident your experience at the club will be memorable and beneficial. Browse Membership Topics for an overview on all membership materials

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    We were hoping and holding out for online registration, which will happen in the future, but is not completely feasible at this time.  We really wanted this to be seamless, but are still working out the kinks.  It will be available for 2015/2016.  Documents for download and instructions will be posted shortly.  Thanks for all your patience in waiting till now to register!  

    While you wait:

    1. Familiarize yourself with Club Alpine Ski ProgramsFreeSki Programs, & Snowboard Programs you wish to enroll family members into. You will be asked to match programs up with family members in order to check out and pay online.
    2. Review the types of Club Memberships available and the membership you require.
    3. Review and understand your responsibilities to the club and view/sign-up for volunteer opportunities that help you fill your membership commitment.
    4. Review and understand the mandatory documents you and your family members are required to agree to and sign: Code of ConductClub Liability & Medical Release, and Club USSA & USASA Volunteer Race Worker Release, & SNSC Club Handbook.
    Questions?: For club registration and program questions email: director@snscvt.com
    Rates are subject to 15% increase after 11/15/2014


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    Our Coaches take great pride in working closely with athletes in our Ski Programs and Snowboard Programs with an emphasis on building skills, confidence, & refining techniques that add up to well rounded & competent athletes. Learn more About SNSC Club and how your family can share in the benefits of Membership.